Where was I forced to catch hitch-hiking?

Let’s make it clear: Everybody talks how hitch-hiking is awesome, incredible and worth to try and seriously: can’t agree more, because at least once in your life you have to try this. I waited for that too much and I finished with this too fast. Until that trip, I have never even thought about that, because: I AM TOO SCARED. That’s actually wired because I went alone to someone who I have never seen and traveled with three guys around East Coast of USA. But, that’s the truth: I would never try hitch-hiking by myself.

I was forced to try this once. Seriously. How? Let’s start at the beginning.


I didn’t even think about going to that country. My idea was going for a couple of days to Amsterdam (the city which is on my bucket list since I remember by the way!), so I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to join me. And because I was wondering too much about the dates, he already found cheaper flights to a country which is totally different from the Netherlands, different even from those ones which I used to visit so far.

I had 48 hours to made the decision. Totally spontaneous. I have been started to google some information about that country (and it was a bad decision), I asked some people… and I said YES.


I couldn’t function normally. Reading articles on the Internet is not a really good idea, especially when you are a person who usually believes in everything that is in there. I read some information about terrorist attacks and cutthroats… I really had thoughts that I didn’t go anywhere! But a passion for traveling was bigger, so I decided to hide the fear in the wardrobe and pack some clothes for my backpack and yayyyy, welcome to ISRAEL!!!


The trip to Israel was even better than I thought it could be.

What did I do there for the first time?

  • I slept in a tent
  • Tried Couchsurfing
  • Packed me in one backpack
  • Slept on the beach
  • Caught hitch-hiking


We actually spent 7 amazing days in Israel. We discovered amazing places, which I still have in my memory. The last days we spent at the beach in Eilat, drinking drinks and swimming in one of the clearest water I have ever seen.

And the thing which made me shocked it was the information which my boyfriend told me on the day of our departure:


And you have to know that the airport is 30 kilometers from Eilat… I made a few phone calls to the local carriers and all of them were busy on that day. So the only option was to catch hitch-hiking.

We were standing there at least 1 hour but I caught two cars at the same time! We were really lucky, but trust me – that day it was not fun for me at all. At the beginning, I hated that kind of transport, so I had actually a bad start with that kind of transport, but when I was already in the plane back to the country I realized that there is soooo much fun when you are traveling like that! I am so happy today that I had a chance to do that, but I always book transport right now in order to avoid those situations!


  • Meeting new people – people who usually travel that way always say that you can meet amazing, inspiring people from all over the world!
    Low cost traveling
    – when you want to travel and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on that – this is actually an option for you.
  • AdventureThis is also an amazing adventure for people who love spending time like this. When you are waiting for cars, there can be some fun situations!
  • Trying different carsI haven’t tried it yet, but I know people who tried to go tractors or truck. I know, those tractors are not the fastest kind of transport but definitely interesting!

I am curious if you have ever tried hitch-hiking? Tell me your stories below.

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