Does the money give happiness?

I am pretty sure that you were wondering at least once if the money could give you happiness. There are people who would say definitely YES, but there are also those ones which don’t care so much about the money in their life. Why is that and does the money really can bring you success, happiness, and fulfillment in life?


It is nothing new when I will write that people are different. But it is true. Every human being has his own story, which actually lets him be who he is right now. And it is not about who he is right now, but what kind of values he has. Family. Friendship. Love. Or money. The past and from what kind of environment he is, determinates if the money is important for him or not.


But I am sure that for those ones who are not rich as well as for those ones who they are, money is something which they need. For someone who doesn’t have much of them, money is the dream. Hope for a better future: travels, amazing parties or clothes for children. On the other hand, people who are from families where were the money see in them: possibilities, so basically it is the same as for the first ones. But the priorities are different.


What about those ones who are “normal” people? What the money means for them? Not a surprise when I will write that the same: possibilities. Does then the money can give the happiness? I would say: NO, but they can make your life much easier. They can let you chase dreams, help you when you are sick or just make you feel more comfortable.


Money is a tool. They can make you happy, but only for a short period of time, because today you have them, tomorrow you could be poor. The most important is then find the happiness not outside – in money – but in yourself. Because, when you have it you don’t need a million. It just makes you feel more comfortable.


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